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THE BRIDE || Vanitha Maistry

  A kaleidoscope of soft hues Organza of soft drapes Tiffany chairs embossed in gold Tables with layers of baby soft silk Delectable savories seducing taste buds Indian sweetmeats eager to be tasted Fragrant flowers in hanging gardens of bliss The grandeur and splendor spellbound Resplendent a red silk saree Adorned in jewels From box of gold The bride stepped into her wonderland of dreams  You might also like this; The Neighbours   by Vanitha Maistry

The Great Book Of Blizzard || Daniel A. Stafford.

AUTHOR:- Daniel A. Stafford PRICE:- $0.00 RATINGS:-  DESCRIPTION: The Poetry that is contained in these pages is the result of a lifetime spent mostly in places with real Winter; The Great Lakes for the most part, yet also the Great Plains, the Rockies of Colorado, and even mid-North Texas and Northern New Mexico. In   the face of Climate Change, I wanted to save and preserve what it was like to live in these places in the era of actual Winters. Many  of these poems are what I like to call “Poetic Memoir,” and are based on real events in my life. Some are simply fantasy based on a lifetime of experience with snow and Winter...real Winters. Although  I have lived in Southern California for four years as of the completion of this compilation in 2018, never forget that I am a native of Wisconsin who spent fifty years in the Midle West of these United States of America. My family still lives there, and lives with snow. For  those of you who find snowy Winters a novelty, or know it not at a


AUTHOR:- Vanitha Maistry. PRICE:- Free RATINGS:-  DESCRIPTION:  The Neighbours is about two women living next door to each other, one is vain, and the other is humble untill tragedy strikes to make the vain woman see the light. Or


AUTHOR:-  Jawad Lawal. PRICE:-  FREE RATINGS:- BOOK DESCRIPTION: ' Behind the Black Painting' is   a short insight into the activities of some African dictators and how these people who have been portrayed as savages has actually truly developed their respective countries. Although they did have their bad sides, they immensely care about the people and the western word was another reason for some leaders dark side. The book simply seeks to tell Africans that despite the wrongs of these leaders, we owe them gratitude for the good projects done and give Africans an idea of the Country and Continent they seeked to build. Where as the western world never forget their dictators, Africans are brainwashed to reject good came from these leaders cited in the book and brand them  as totally evil. What Africans fail to realise is, what actually happened to the country after these leaders fell, what happened to their projects and works. Or

If truly religion pays, why are we where we are? || Ridwan Sulaiman Adeshina

All over the world, religion has been the center of unity in many countries, and also a means through which a person believes that anyone who believes in what he worships is his brother regardless of his race, tribe, color, and country. This belief has helped people in building strong relationships between people all over the world and has also helped a lot in business areas as fanatics will rather give the contract to people that belong to their sect than to give it to the outsider who they believe his not their brother because of the difference in religion.  However, with numbers of religion been practiced all over the world, I believe it's normal by nature of human beings to always believe that "what I believe is better than what you believe in". Though This belief has caused a lot of grievances among fanatics of different religions and has caused a lot of attacks and killings on innocent people who the perpetrators believed are inferior to them because of their differ

FRIENDSHIP || Renukuntla Murali.

  Friendship is the best relationship, Any relationship is not Superior to Friendship, Friendship is platonic.  Relationship between Two persons, maybe male or female,  Can be Undivided till the end. Of their lives, positive Friends work hard with Positive attitudes and Achieve their goals. Negative friends think Negatively with Negative attitude Never good results, Best friends and true Friends will be one and Same qualities with Honest and trusted, Good friends  Do good works Whereas bad Friends do worst, Bad friends spoil Their lives as well as Society and friends With misbehaviour. A friend in need is, A friend indeed; A real friend always, Ready to help, sacrifice. A bad friend always  Wants to do harm And escape in need Of help and cunning. Friendship starts in the Childhood and ends  At the old age but the Memories remain  Forever.  Thanks for reading! 👍❤️ MEET THE POET


  AUTHOR:- BLOSSOMWRITES. PRICE:- FREE RATINGS:- BOOK DESCRIPTION: Blossom in 'The Journey' attempts to describe 'Life' as a ride with several destinations and vistas. He discusses a range of relatable themes and ideas including love, growth and the personality of those things around us that we can't see or touch. He applies a rich use of imagery, analogies, aphorisms and other fine-coated literary devices to drive his message home. This book will help you enjoy the very art of poetry.       

THE LOST SOUL || Bolanle De Bowalé

And there he is, The lost soul; He is there again, Wandering the streets, Like a spooker on patrol. He has left his family Fell in love with the streets His lighter, his comforter He hasn't much to worry about Except for the cigars he's been puffing. Ọmọ Àdánù as he's usually called His eyes are raging red And smoke escaping from his mouth And his nostrils And one could describe him as Ṣàngó. No worries about the future His business is his 'Igbeaux' He pays no bills; no rent As everywhere is his haunt, Like an Ọmọ onílẹ̀. He leads a pathetic life. He isn't at fault, Nothing worked for him, He's a first-class graduate, Studied elect-elect in Unilag But the Government had failed him. He lost his job Billing did not cease Felt like he let his family down Fell into depression Sought refuge in drugs He got addicted, He got trapped In the snare of life He is the lost soul He couldn't find himself any longer The system has failed him. The Government has failed.