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Love in a simple term is defined as a profound and caring attraction towards someone. It is now saddened that this attraction/ feeling/ caring towards a person might not be returned back as expected. Mr A might love Miss B with all his heart and might not be loved back by Miss B. Had i have a good connection with God, i would have for a long time appeal to Him that once a person feels for another, the other person without prejudice feel back for the first person in thousands folds because that will eradicate the issue of heart broken, depression and emotional breakdown mostly suffered by men  especially when girls turn them down.
The joy of a man who is loved back by his heart desires is incomparable because on the day he hears YES from the lady, he will dance alone without music and plan been with the girl for long. This is so much interesting and also a serious liability on the man's part because to the lady, whether rich or poor, its a business. sometimes, Its is even dangerous to date a rich girl because she can be with you for two months without asking for a penny but once she is in need brethren, she is not talking of 5 thousand naira or else she wants to subscribe but her money will start from half of your income because you met her not poor and her panties you do remove are so expensive. 
We have now reach a stage where each lady believes that once she is dating someone, he must pay 60% of her bills( phone subscription, hair, ceremonial clothes e.t c). Every lady in a relationship is now a liability on the man she dates. I accepted the fact that in marriage, a man is responsible for 85% of the bills e.g food, clothing, electricity and other house bills even though his wife earns more than him. He his bound to help his wife's family financially as he will be call upon when there is need for that even if he is not financially okay  but a wife is not bound to do such, the highest she could do is to cook for her husband's family even though she is a millionaire; all is the nature of marriage. If we have accepted the faith of spending 85% of our income on your better life till death do us apart, why then will you not wait till we are married?.
The more you spend for a lady is now the measurement of your love for her yet, she cheats with your friends and neighbors. Going in between her laps is another problem, they claimed we enjoyed it most yet they hold us tight while screaming and asked to dig more. After loosing our energy and natural resources, we will also loose our money. Pay for almost all her bills because now she is now a serious liability. 
True love or fake love, poor or rich, if you are not ready to spend, you park well. But so funny when you see them advocating for gender equality. They were also born the same way men were born, they can do even better than men but you never see them paying their men bills. With their cry against gender bias for absolute equality, they still depend on men to live. The rich and independent once among them will jilt you when you can't afford to take them out on an expensive date. 
I have now understood that love as it is today is a way of a lady depositing her true/fake love in a guy's heart with direct or indirect intention of making money back as a profit. This is not MMM but a love business that will never crash. 

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