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History is a fiction false

Wolf clothing in Sheep’s

Run against the clock

Closet in truth that coffin

Wonder longer not nine that trumpet

Everywhere all tricks of trade 

An old dog not to be taught 

A new Shakespeare chance upon

Has greatness that Hamlet thrust upon

Water no hold, a waterloo

Hearing you not that whistle blow?

Wicked flee not if 

Man pursuits it in soul

Bacon a foster soul 

Blessed in disguise Shakespeare

Some six fold six plays  

All sonnets a legacy 

Art lies in concealing art, irony

What Ovid foreseen

An answer, no Shakespeare is enigma

Hamlet in heavenly procrastination 

Claudius not upon him avenge

Annoyed that man delighted not him 

Truth untold a broken heart hubris

His honest a hideous mirror debris 

Word play in he a Pete Sampras

What a piece of work a man! 

Philosophy, brother double a mankind

Dubbed verses of Denmark Prince 

Defenceless was he a pseudo Christ

Ethos his passivism embodied inaction

Pagan he an Achilles no Don Quixote

Out of joint time was his revenge 

With wings as not with swift as meditation

Daggers at her

Cost a terrible dapper

Malleable Mom she frailty not

With rotten son adultery not

His mother fixation a failed Psycho fancy  

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