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In the strangest place, at the end of man-made burn. 

And the darkness made by mortals, 

There my life counts. 

I'll loose some to the war. 

Maybe in the fire

Or falling from the darkness of life. 

I'll strive and reach the light

I shall struggle to get there. 

I’ll work for success,

Because I know one day, it will bow and call me master.

I’ll pull stars from the sky,

I’ll turn stone into bread,

I’ll swim the deepest ocean blue,

I’ll slay the dragon,

Yes, I’ll fight the lion;

I’ll spin straws into gold,

I’ll make diamonds out of chunks of coal,

I’ll climb the highest mountain,

I’ll make a home in the sky,

I’ll visit the sun,

I just have to win the win

And fight the fight,

But if I don’t win,

If I’m bruised at the end of the war

If I fall, 

If I get my skin burnt, 

I’ll be fine.

You see a cigarette, I see warriors in a battle of fire and darkness made by man, I see soldiers struggling,  I see some surrendering to defeat by falling, I see some still struggling and never surrendering, I see the one that keeps the strength within and finally there. 

I see a poem depicting  war of life! 

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Unknown said…
A very beautiful poem