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    Covid19 as a pandemic has affected the world as a whole, even before the outbreak, the world economy was delicate especially developing countries like Nigeria. Nigeria as a country has little of what it takes to contain the virus, with over 40,000 cases and 878 deaths, the impact of Covid19 in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.


    Nigeria's economy is sinking in grave peril with Covid19 as the mainspring. The economic difficulties caused by the virus is well known. Some many citizens has lost their livelihood, businesses has been shutdown with the aim of containing the pandemic. The minister of Finance, Budget and National planning, Zainab Ahmed explained that the pandemic has stimulated incessant disruption to global supply chain, sharp drop in global crude oil prices, closure of financial markets.  These events had  unbearable consequences to the economy. The outbreak of the virus provoked slowdown in production as GDP drops tremendously.
     The Aviation industry still remains locked and over 100,000 jobs has been lost in the Aviation sector due to the virus. Lost of jobs is not limited only to the Aviation industry, the agricultural, mining, oil, tourism industries has also been dealt a great blow from Covid19. According to the maiden report of Covid19 impact monitoring  survey recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS), the impact of Covid19 on employment and income  of Nigerians has been widespread. Out of 1,950 households surveyed, 42% who had jobs are no longer working. As joblessness roams about the country and with inflation by its side, hunger is now the order of the day.


     Lockdown measures has been adopted all over the nation, leaving the social lives of citizens in detriment. Covid19 has led to the ban on all social activities. The closure of hotels, clubs, restaurants, amusement parks, beaches has impacted negatively on the society. Children hasn't been able to go to school for months which is detrimental to their learning abilities. 
     The pandemic has affected Nigeria is so many ways. More untold hardship awaits, if this virus cease to end.


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