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India: - Lake of Literature (Importance of Mother Tongue ) | Priyanshu Tripathy

 India: - Lake of Literature (Importance of Mother Tongue )

Lt. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India used to say that language does not work to break or share, but does work all the time. Language always connects us with this society, history and culture there. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji is no longer in this world but his words still travel around us. There are many languages ​​and different cultures in the country of India and you cannot see this much variation in any other country. In every language, the fragrance and culture of that region is reflected. India is also very rich in the field of literature, not only in Hindi or Urdu, but in mother tongue also, a lot of work has been done by writers of India. The way in which we used to call India as the golden bird, while it is also not wrong to call India as a lake of literature.

Language serves to show emotion, language is a medium through which we are able to convey our words to others. Mother language has an effect in everyone's life. On the holy earth where you are born, the mother tongue gives you a gift from your mother, from the elders, as a gift from Mamta. Even though you sit in big factories and speak English today, you should never forget that you started Tutlana in your mother tongue. Today, you have to work hard in what you have, but at the same time there are contributions of language and culture. Because until you do not have the control your speech in the society, when you say what to say and how to clarify this feeling, you do not succeed.

Today, in the technological era, where people are not free for their parents' family, then this culture and language are struggling a lot to protect themselves. We have to understand that our first identity is from the soil where we were born. And in the run-up to the city, we have left the soil far behind where crops, roadsides,  tea shops, peepal trees, the basil of the courtyard, Baba's bed and the chirping sparrow await you with that love every day.  But we have become very busy in ourselves. With the spectacles of pens, they all look very poor, the people of the village are illiterate because we have changed our perspective. Similarly, the regional language is also in danger. We have to cherish them because language is a blessing from nature, we can keep them alive through ourselves.

The Central Government and the State Government will have to work to keep the regional language alive. The way the British left the country, this foreign language also will not support you. You are the childish children who used to do insistence on useless toys and used to give them a unique gift. You have to understand the importance of mother tongue. The government has to formulate a policy so that it can prevent this language from disappearing.The government will have to work towards it in every field. Today, in this Corona era, the city had rejected us, many people had come to the streets, but they were roofed by the same language, the same culture, from the same village where they could live. It is also wrong to say that English is bad. You must teach your children English is the international language; Hindi is our national language, but do not let them forget their mother tongue. If you forget the mother tongue, then the society can forget you. We should be proud that we live in the country of India where there is different language but there is same sweetness among all.

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Priyanshu Tripathy,  

Central University of South Bihar

Bihar, India

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