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You are accepted the way you present yourself in life but don't fake . In life , we face a lot of challenges ; You see this challenges, as far as I can tell , is a force meant to keep you on motion or keep you moving only if you never surrender and fear not .

 "Challenges faced are not to break you but to remould you better and stronger , hence keep striving " . 
    In life we fears a lot , such as , fear of future time , fear of career , even fear of unknown things and many more. It has be proven that the high rate or level of fear in people, is majorly the reason for failure and this cause deprivation in coining out a definition for success in their own way . Success has no definition but you are the real definition only if you are manful.

 " Conquer the fear in you , conquer the challenges .;Conquer the fear , overcome the obstacles before you" . 

           Fear doesn't but make you a coward . Coward in the sense that it makes you shiver and makes you romance and cherish your nadir 

    "Where your determination is strong , your difficulties will be weak and where you difficulties is weak ,success is yours "
 Psychologically , it had been proven that people fail because of their fear . Take for instance , why do you think some students fail mathematics? nothing but mostly because of their fear for calculations or the fear they have for the teacher  . 
  " Your fall can only be a failure if you fall and fear not to rise again " .
Never succumb to fear , silent the fear , bury the fear in you under the seventh layer of the ground. 
     You are born to succeed and stop romancing your failure , look beyond your present day , work and strive for a bright future .
       Hence , put on the armour , pick up the courage , stand firm , it's in you , I mean success is in you . You can beat the reach only if you are manful .
      Your success START FROM WITHIN you. 
Fear not the challenges ,
It's a force meant to keep you moving ;
Keep striving! 
This too shall pass ,
Blessed days ahead .
Conquer your fears ;
The challenges are also conquered.
 ...it starts from within . 

Thanks for reading , hope you enjoyed the virtual tour . 

Your comments and reactions are recognised and appreciated by the poet .

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Unknown said…
Neverr, Never, Quit. There is a time to pull back and reflect. But take the fight at a different angle, away from the brick wall in front of you. Find a weak spot and attack it. If you are going to fight, fight to win, there can only be one winner. Make sure it is you. P.S Make sure you have enough bullets.