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 Truly unfair, 

Calling her a mannequin 

Eyes are useless 

When mind is blind

Absolutely no desire to fit in

Marionette, better than animate 

Tangible her zest was in a daze

Caged in the display, 

Where she was in a cloister 

Clothed her a stola with Limbus 

Cloaked her cosmos with clobber     

Closeted motion still an attraction

Fuelled by drama led to 

Attend the performance 

Can’t stop watching since 

Enraptured me her charms

Evoked memories in              

She my Aphrodite 

Deity of  beauty, 

Goddess of  love, 

Cult of pleasure, 

Nubile of procreation, 

Love is composed of a single soul

Inhabiting in both of us

My life a ceaseless search of love

Marvelled at her, saw luscious

Manifested myth, towards lust 

My emotion on the crest  

My most beloved in trust 

Mainspring of my psyche 

She a best, no expiry date

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