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I knocked but you walked in.

I asked for a friendship

But I got an interest,

I was alive but I had no breath,

I was living yet I gat no life.

Ever wondered why I never called thee a friend?

Surprised the first time I used ‘son’?

I can’t just sacrifice my life to a friend

When my son needs it.

You worth something more than a sacrifice.

You worth something more than gold,

You worth something beyond a priceless jewel,

You worth a life sacrifice;

You worth the world happiness,

I gat no strength to express myself using hyperbole.

Do you know you have a special heart?

I’m certain you’re created on the eighth day.

Your free spirit makes me go on a fasting,

Just to have such.

You are a rare being.

Like the sun is a gift to nature,

You’re a gift to man.

Blessed is the womb that birthed you,

Blessed is the hands that raised you,

Blessed is the soul that nurtured you,

Do you know you deserve to be happy?

You need no sadness,

No one has the license to hurt you,

No one has the key to your happiness except you,

I wish you realize so many things today.

I wish this age open your eyes to so many things,

I wish you realize your worth,

I wish you could let go of the pain,

I wish you could stand on the broken piece and let it realize it hit the wrong person,

I wish one day you could laugh at the pain. 

This should be a write-up;

But I make a poem out of it.

The one that will keep singing to your ears

Even when I’m far away,

The one that will give you hope,

When I’m gone.

The one that will be part of you,

When we choose to let fate have its way.

In my next life,

I shall appear as a spirit,

Just to protect you.

I shall be your hero,

I shall be your knight,

I will be your unseen warrior;

I'll protect you from hurts and pain. 

Son, you're the best that has ever happened to me. 

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