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Woe unto you
Elékerú the rapist
The great God bestowed human being with brain to do exploit.
Yours is at your feet
No wisdom Elékerú for exploit,
Your own wisdom is to cause untold agony,
You raped her and inflicted stress and trauma
in her life.

You pleasured while she wallowed in pain and agony
Your punctured ego mattered to you not her consent.
I say woe unto you
Elékerú Omo Òle
You have inflicted a life long pain and indelible pain.

You Elékerú Omo Òle
What motivated you to rape?
Unbridled passion?
You were aroused by her short dressing?
I'm talking to you Omo Òle!

What about those that covered up from head to toe?
Elékerú that does not detered you,
You still went to do your unpopular exploit
Why don't you go for service of free women if so aroused?
You caused untold life long pain and hardship
Woe unto you Omo Òle.

 Ah!!! Omo Òle
No place is sacred to you
You do your unholy act inside sacred place
Uncompleted buildings,dark alley can no longer accommodated your unbridled passion.
   But the temple of the most high God
That is why I say woe unto you
You are cursed forever.
Elékerú Omo Òle you are cursed.

You are called Elékerú because rape is about power and control,
You are called Omo Òle because you refuse to go to the mighty ladies.

Woe unto Rapists

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