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In the sea of Love, I am about to drown the second time,
Love' wings clipped, yet it flown the second time.

Like, in chess game, forlorn captivated me,
In a flash, a crown is placed on my pawn, the second time.

Love, a player --- made me a laughing object,
For you, I will house this clown the second time.

Feared the flood drained all nutrients left,
found myself in its realm, with its seed sown, grown the second time.

In sight of an Angel; captivating, with her holy features,
Won't I be let down the second time?

Bashir, Bearer of glad tiding, gave out his heart 
Oh God! Oh Muqalibal-quloob! (Controller of hearts)! don't let this heart mourn the second time.

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Unknown said…
Ghazal again! This same poet. He is really gifted
Unknown said…
No matter the economy of a jungle, lion will never eat grass..... I repeat, if education is free a cat can never attend same school with a mouse... The poet is multy talented, factual, meaty , and catchy ... I will need more of this.........