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I Shall (W)right My Love Tonight | BARSH

I've written a number of poems, but my love, I shall (w)right tonight,

I've written about the sun and the day, their familiarity worth no dime in my sight tonight.

My heart beats in anxiety, yes! I'm a coward!

Now I am ready to fight for my heart, and be its knight tonight.

My aching heart is afire --- burning in anticipation of love,

Oh flaming fire! take me up, and burn away my fright tonight.

Oh my moon! Oh Habeebaty!( My love )

I am filled with your light tonight.

Love --- the lines on my palms

This, I shall recite tonight.

Love has taken form in me,

That I may lose myself in its delight tonight.

Oh Habeebaty (My love)! call me Bashir, because to you, I have brought a glad tiding ---

Together, we shall unite tonight.

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Unknown said…
Ghazal can never be disappointing. Love it kudos to the poet