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My longing hand craves for the stars

day and night, beclouded by loneliness,

holding the pictures of memories we shared ---

A memory like a kettle with two spouts;

dispensing hot and cold water of experience.

My longing hand desires the gem 

like a miner mining for treasures ---

gold, diamond, pearl, ruby....... even rubbles,

because they all have their separate uses.

My longing hand longs for the flowers ---

That filled my childhood with their sweet fragrances;

Each scent makes me long the more,

For those days spent in their gardens.

My longing hand reaches for my phone

with hope and determination to connect with all,

but got stuck on some web-sights.

It couldn't reach them all,

yet, it longs for all. 


1) Wuthering height return 

2) Fallen Angel 

Thanks for reading , you worth it weight in gold. 

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Unknown said…
This guy again, too emotional

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