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DEPRESSION || Renukuntla Murali.


"Every day we come Across so many 

Persons committed

Suicides due to only

Stress and depression,

Depression is a Person's

Situation of


Disorder of

Mental health,

Due to daily busy working

People don't have rest

And face so many problems in their lives,

A depression person

Can't mingle with

Society, he/she wants

To sit separately and 

Never like to talk

To anybody,

He /she would like

To be isolated, sad

And despair, have

Negative thoughts

Never try to participate


Depression persons

Feel and think that it

Is better to go away

From this world of hell

And run away far Distance,

They don't have Stability, their mind

Go round the world

And reduced their

Capacity of thinking

They feel emotionally

And sometimes they

Commit suicide also,

We had better to

Recognize the Depression persons

In advance and consult

The psychiatrist or

The Psychologist or

The psychotherapist

For better counseling,

We suggest the Depression person

To take rest and do

Exercise and yoga

To get the mind to relax

And have positive

Thoughts and be

Happy with all near

And dear."



Renukuntla Murali,M.A.,M.Phil., M.Sc.,Psych.,PG Dip., in Light Music. Bilingual Poet(Telugu & English) Singer,Writer&Author working as Lflhm at Mpps Gurijakunta,Mandal Cherial,Dist.Siddipet, Telangana state.He was born at Vangapahad a village in Warangal, Dist., but settled down at Jangaon,City&Dist , He is the Dist. best teacher awardee.He is the founder&director of "Sanath Institute of English",Jangaon Estd.,in 1989.He is the most senior trainer in Spoken English.He also gives training in Life Skills.He is the recipient of many State, National and International Awards and Rewards for social ,cultural &literary partition as well as bagged many appreciation certificates. He has written many poems not only in Telugu language but also in English. He is the Centurion(Shathaka) Poet&Centurion Awardee in English.He has written 350 poems in English& received more than 175 awards,appreciative certificates in the challenges held by different organizations such as Pen Brew Community team& Nazm-e-hayath team,The WU Writer &Untouched Emotions,Million writer etc., National & International level.He has written 75 poems in Telugu & published in 10 anthologies.His poems of English published in 30 anthologies. He has written 10 books on Spoken English, "Spoken English & Grammar." "Rhythmic Tales" poems part-1&part-2 ."Verbs (1000)"., published by the Pen Brew Publishers, available on Amazon,some books are under publications.


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