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FRIENDSHIP || Renukuntla Murali.


Friendship is the best


Any relationship is not

Superior to Friendship,

Friendship is platonic. 

Relationship between

Two persons,

maybe male or female, 

Can be Undivided till the end.

Of their lives, positive

Friends work hard with

Positive attitudes and

Achieve their goals.

Negative friends think

Negatively with Negative attitude

Never good results,

Best friends and true

Friends will be one and

Same qualities with Honest and trusted,

Good friends 

Do good works Whereas bad

Friends do worst,

Bad friends spoil

Their lives as well as

Society and friends

With misbehaviour.

A friend in need is,

A friend indeed;

A real friend always,

Ready to help, sacrifice.

A bad friend always 

Wants to do harm

And escape in need

Of help and cunning.

Friendship starts in the Childhood and ends 

At the old age but the

Memories remain 


Thanks for reading! 👍❤️


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Dawn and dusk said…
Wow wonderful sir
Prasanna Kkumar
A.V.Sharma said…
Nice poem about friendship.
Unknown said…
Your poem about good n bad friends is naturally described in a easy way to understand. Keep it up Murali sir. Congratulations.