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NOTE TO MY FUTURE WIFE || Olayemi Oladipupo

I'm like mountain ever,

The one you desire. 

I'm bright like desire,

Like a rainbow, it inspires. 

My love for you I wouldn't misfire

But with passion it camphire. 

Like beauty attire

Your love, I aspire.

Drug may expire

My love for you will refire. 

When your heart is a bonfire

My love; your haywire. 

Like star wildfire

Your love I will newswire.  

When your heart is overtire 

I'm the strength you will require.  

When wiles of life hellfire 

My love; your ceasefire. 

Your downfall lips conspire,

Your goodness, I will gunfire.



Olayemi is student and an upcoming poet. Outside the world of poetry he enjoyed hiking with his families and friends and loved playing and watching football.

Below are some of his works.


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