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When life injects you with the syringe of hardship

Poverty flows in veins through relationship

struggles begin down down the valley of life

Sailing in an ocean blessed with wildlife

You watch as your dreams capsize

Into the ocean of pain and agony

The survival of a sailor is an irony

when it happens like  titanic

When alive and all ambitions are chartered

You become empty like a big gun

without rounds of bullets

When life plays you like a ball

And your children rudely bawl

When life speaks to your ears

that you are a living dead

When happiness is scarce 

like virgins among university sisters

And sadness makes the heart 

The garden swims, in the pool of tears

Your faith in God becomes your healer

And afterlife becomes your ambition

Heaven, you pray to, 

to be fear With your generation

For your misery worth countless generations.


Name:- Ridwan Sulaiman Adeshina

Ridwan Sulaiman Adeshina is a 200level law student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He also has Diploma in Law from the same Institution Adeshina loves writing a lot, including poem. He likes  making research and engage himself in academic discussions. He also loves traveling and meeting new people. His free time are best used writing or reading academic books.

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