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Strapped to my back is a burdensome backpack;

heavier than a million tons of metal.

Its pains formed a storm,

blurred my visual sense ~

with painted pictures of failures and regrets,

Crept, crawled into my mental mind.

Roars of intimidation like a wild lioness hunting its prey,

those sounds and images birth confusion.

How I wish, those memories evade me.

Treated my scars with ointments of belief, hope, and optimism.

Shed a farewell tears to this backpack,

with the hope of getting off them,

but still stuck to my back.

Faces started looking alike,

bringing memories of another face,

Words seem heard before,

places seem dwelled.

How I wish, those memories evade me.

"Heaven," they said,

"Helps those who help themselves".

Why will I?

Lose  focus on this path I set my feet on,

this journey which has no second chance.

How will I?

be stagnated by a thing; gone with time,

deprived me, the happiness of love, friendship, tranquility pregnant with success,

all in the name of the PAST.

How I wish, those memories evade me

Then came the response from Above,

"In it lies some memories unnoticed,

like cake coated in sugar with sweet fragrance",

" In it lies lessons of Life, which can't be bought with money",

"but diving into the sea of experience".

"This backpack isn't heavy" 

" it's called mind game", 

"walk not minding the backpack",

"the faces are not the same",

" it's the effect of the images painted in your heart",

"look more closely, she is not the one",

" you can do better now, you can still mend your flaws"

echo the voices I had no knowledge of its source.

How I wish, those memories evade me.


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