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" I Would Murder Myself If I ever Turned Out To Be Like Either Of My Parents"- Lady cries out

A young beautiful and adorable lady has called people reactions few minutes after she posted what she will do if she ever took after her parents. 

This lady was identified to be Twinkle with the Twitter handle @yaimaarie. 

Considering and digesting the post it is obvious that she detests the behavior of her parents. 

She neither wants to be like her father nor her mother, she wants to live a lifestyle different from theirs. 

This lady said " I'd murder myself if I ever turned out to be like any of my parents. Y'all would find me in the Mississippi river, I promise"

What I believe was that our parents can not be only filled with bad behaviours, there would be some behaviour that is worthy of imitation. 

In my thoughts, taking after our beloved parents is encouraging and good. 

What will do if you took after either of your parents?

Who would you love to imitate, daddy or mummy?

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