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Opinion: Ifa Funsho Calls Those Believing In One Nigeria Very Dumb, Here Are The Suggested Reasons

N.B: I'm not here to criticize or condemn that is why I'm very careful with the words I used. 

Ifa Funsho, the traditionalist has headed to her twitter page as usual to air her mind. She made a tweets on a crucial matter on Wednesday's evening. 

Ifa Funsho, the traditionalist

She said "No matter your exposure. No matter your level of education. No matter your background. No matter the kind of person you are. Once you believe in one Nigeria. You are a sell-out and very dumb person."

She must have had a convincing reasons about the tweet she made. 

I am here to share with you the suggested reasons that triggered her to make the tweets and what the tweet truly implies.

Nigeria is now in a putrid pool as she is experiencing a lot of bad moments. Debased economy, high insecurity and many more are now the order of the day.  Here are the reasons. 

Firstly, Nigeria has encouraged and welcomed ethnicity and tribalism into her life fully. It's hard to see any sector of Nigeria economy that is not ethnicized. A country where tribalism is rife can never be in one accord, so Nigeria is yet to be one. 

The second suggested reason was high corruption rate. The weather, the people, atmosphere of Nigeria are corrupted, it's obvious. I'm not here to criticize my country because this also happen in other country but the difference is clear. A country with high corruption rate can never be united.

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