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Kaduna Central Senator Reacts To The Killing Of The Three Greenfield University Student, See What He Said

 " It's an outrage and a clear affront on our nation " Senator of Kaduna Central shares his position on the killing of the 3 Greenfield student. 

The senator of the Kaduna Central has sadly reacted to the killing of the 3 Greenfield University student that was initially kidnapped in Kaduna state. 

The heartbreaking story has hit up the internet and has generated different reactions from a Nigerians.

The senator of Kaduna Central , Senator Sanni Uba has headed to his verified acount on the bird app to give his condolences to the family and relatives of the murdered student. 

He said " I'm deeply saddened by the news of the senseless killing of the three students of Greenfield University by the kidnappers. This is heartbreaking. It's an outrage and a clear affront on our nation" check the screenshot provided below to read the full condolences message

It was allegedly reported that the kidnappers requested 800 million for the release of the students. 

The scene and the previously occured ones make it apparent that the kidnappers are trying their humanly possible best to spoil the education of Nigeria. 

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