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If truly religion pays, why are we where we are? || Ridwan Sulaiman Adeshina

All over the world, religion has been the center of unity in many countries, and also a means through which a person believes that anyone who believes in what he worships is his brother regardless of his race, tribe, color, and country. This belief has helped people in building strong relationships between people all over the world and has also helped a lot in business areas as fanatics will rather give the contract to people that belong to their sect than to give it to the outsider who they believe his not their brother because of the difference in religion.  However, with numbers of religion been practiced all over the world, I believe it's normal by nature of human beings to always believe that "what I believe is better than what you believe in". Though This belief has caused a lot of grievances among fanatics of different religions and has caused a lot of attacks and killings on innocent people who the perpetrators believed are inferior to them because of their differ


 I bestow, far from sayings of good life or tales of lion's mane. I recall all the dusty memories life has forced me to keep. And amid the shelves, I keep these memories, are dried tears I cried alone in the nights of the dead and the times of witches. So don't judge me when I prefer silent cemeteries to Sandy beaches because it's poetry from within. I laugh in the wind, hoping that the pearly gates would somehow be nicer and maybe God would consider otherwise. Am for the proud wanderer, off to the limits considered the other part of the veils of life. And in this dusty memory, is where I hope to never cry, at least console myself with the dust, and if they get too much, I hope to choke in them. And it will read, "for the memorable son, he who never bestowed upon and by happiness" in the eulogy by the living MEET THE WRITER       NAME:- Gibson Kemboi Gibson Kemboi is a poet and law student in University of Nairobi. He has wrote several unpublished poems and articl


  CAN SURGICAL MASKS OR RESPIRATORS PREVENT CORONAVIRUS? The world is suffering from the deadly infection of Coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the infection as ‘pandemic’. The early symptoms of this deadly infection are high fever, shortness of breath, tiredness, and dry cough. So, the entire world is under lockdown to break the chain of COVID-19 with certain precautionary steps is to be ensured. The contemporary ways to sanitize oneself is the 20 seconds formulae of hand wash or using disinfectant containing at least 60% alcohol, avoid touching surfaces and handshakes, and no unnecessary contacts. The use of a mask and covering the face using a napkin or elbow while coughing and disposing of the napkin would add an added advantage. We all know that sanitizer containing good quality alcohol can kill most of the germs, bacteria, and viruses including fatal Coronavirus. In research, it was found that the Coronavirus can survive for 3 days (72 hours approx.) on

India: - Lake of Literature (Importance of Mother Tongue ) | Priyanshu Tripathy

  India: - Lake of Literature (Importance of Mother Tongue ) Lt. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India used to say that language does not work to break or share, but does work all the time. Language always connects us with this society, history and culture there. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji is no longer in this world but his words still travel around us. There are many languages ​​and different cultures in the country of India and you cannot see this much variation in any other country. In every language, the fragrance and culture of that region is reflected. India is also very rich in the field of literature, not only in Hindi or Urdu, but in mother tongue also, a lot of work has been done by writers of India. The way in which we used to call India as the golden bird, while it is also not wrong to call India as a lake of literature. Language serves to show emotion, language is a medium through which we are able to convey our words to others. Mother language has an


Contentment Vs. Ambition: Does one really have to be sacrificed for the other Contentment is defined in most dictionaries as the feeling of being happy and satisfied, because you have everything you need. According to Gary Reker in his 2012 publication titled “Happiness: Habits of Contentment”, he explained that true happiness is a by-product of finding meaning and purpose in your life. Essentially, happiness is an integral function of contentment; feeling satisfied with what you have of life (as well as what you don’t have). Finding meaning and purpose in your life depends largely on quite a number of factors that make your early life experiences, leading you towards a particular direction with specific definition to certain phenomenon; including but not limited to successful living and accomplishment. Hence, you tend to feel that you are finally living for your purpose and making meaning with your existence only when you have been able to achieve those things you have been conditione


You are accepted the way you present yourself in life but don't fake . In life , we face a lot of challenges ; You see this challenges, as far as I can tell , is a force meant to keep you on motion or keep you moving only if you never surrender and fear not .   "Challenges faced are not to break you but to remould you better and stronger , hence keep striving " .           In life we fears a lot , such as , fear of future time , fear of career , even fear of unknown things and many more. It has be proven that the high rate or level of fear in people, is majorly the reason for failure and this cause deprivation in coining out a definition for success in their own way . Success has no definition but you are the real definition only if you are manful.  " Conquer the fear in you , conquer the challenges .;Conquer the fear , overcome the obstacles before you" .             Fear doesn't but make you a coward . Coward in the sense that it makes you shiver and makes


 The world is a beautiful expanse with so many varieties of species and even specs of every species. Nothing from the contents of the world remains same through its existence; there is always a change in weather, colour, heat, living situations, maturity levels, comprehension styles, among others. Yes, every single person has a long list of characteristics that stick to them differently at different points in time: height, weight, skin colour, hair colour and texture, wealth, popularity, social skills, business orientation, talents, etc.  Now, in the same globe, single persons come together to form groups and establish relationships, based on some similarities they share in particular stratification points. Friendships (and relationships generally) are established by two or more individuals who share complementary differences and similarities, who feel affection towards one another, enjoy one another’s company, and give and receive support to and from one another. Hence, the affirmatio


Woe unto you Elékerú the rapist The great God bestowed human being with brain to do exploit. Yours is at your feet No wisdom Elékerú for exploit, Your own wisdom is to cause untold agony, You raped her and inflicted stress and trauma in her life. You pleasured while she wallowed in pain and agony Your punctured ego mattered to you not her consent. I say woe unto you Elékerú Omo Òle You have inflicted a life long pain and indelible pain. You Elékerú Omo Òle What motivated you to rape? Unbridled passion? You were aroused by her short dressing? I'm talking to you Omo Òle! What about those that covered up from head to toe? Elékerú that does not detered you, You still went to do your unpopular exploit Why don't you go for service of free women if so aroused? You caused untold life long pain and hardship Woe unto you Omo Òle.  Ah!!! Omo Òle No place is sacred to you You do your unholy act inside sacred place Uncompleted buildings,dark alley can no longer accommodated your unbridled p


I am not just a girl But a mother of all More than a gender More than the tagged, feminine. More than the punchline of a joke  Moon is not an excuse Sun is not a mistake For the sickness of nature. I am from zero to hero A queen of Biro I don't mind i am a tyro I am a beautiful wall In this meaningless world A blessing and not a curse. I am a treasure of hope Asylum for the people And symbol of beauty I am the bright future  For I must to be nurtured Not to be tortured Without me the word world Is apparently incomplete Never press the reddish delete


* THE IMPACT OF COVID19 IN NIGERIA*     Covid19 as a pandemic has affected the world as a whole, even before the outbreak, the world economy was delicate especially developing countries like Nigeria. Nigeria as a country has little of what it takes to contain the virus, with over 40,000 cases and 878 deaths, the impact of Covid19 in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.  * ECONOMIC IMPACT*     Nigeria's economy is sinking in grave peril with Covid19 as the mainspring. The economic difficulties caused by the virus is well known. Some many citizens has lost their livelihood, businesses has been shutdown with the aim of containing the pandemic. The minister of Finance, Budget and National planning, Zainab Ahmed explained that the pandemic has stimulated incessant disruption to global supply chain, sharp drop in global crude oil prices, closure of financial markets.  These events had  unbearable consequences to the economy. The outbreak of the virus provoked slowdown in production as GDP d

ILEYA : Beyond meat , a symbol of Justice and equality | BLEEDING PEN

       With zero sentiment and fanatic, no event in the whole world brings people together like the Muslims Ileya festival. This is the only period in 12 months where people travel thousand miles home without thinking of cost and risk involved. This is the only time where people see it reasonable to take their wives and children to their family house(s). The only time in a year to strengthen family bond, to share love, make corrections and for restitution. The significance and importance of Ileya can not be overlooked, especially by our religious leaders and young ones who only get to meet their brothers from other part of the state on that wonderful day. People of other faiths also perticipate in this festival because of its historical background.  This is the only period where people from all over the world travel to a city called Macca for religious rituals. It cost many Nigerians thousands of Naira yet we don't mind. I have once heard of one man who proccesed his Visa and ticke


Man hopes for a better tomorrow Where man do not have to borrow To leave the state of penury To attain a life of luxury But man's hope is failing So man begins his wailing Will that bring a solution? Or will it wortsen the situation? Let the truth be told Man's hope is already sold To the hands of pain Man now works in vain


Love in a simple term is defined as a profound and caring attraction towards someone. It is now saddened that this attraction/ feeling/ caring towards a person might not be returned back as expected. Mr A might love Miss B with all his heart and might not be loved back by Miss B. Had i have a good connection with God, i would have for a long time appeal to Him that once a person feels for another, the other person without prejudice feel back for the first person in thousands folds because that will eradicate the issue of heart broken, depression and emotional breakdown mostly suffered by men  especially when girls turn them down. The joy of a man who is loved back by his heart desires is incomparable because on the day he hears YES from the lady, he will dance alone without music and plan been with the girl for long. This is so much interesting and also a serious liability on the man's part because to the lady, whether rich or poor, its a business. sometimes, Its is even dangerous