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The Great Book Of Blizzard || Daniel A. Stafford.

AUTHOR:- Daniel A. Stafford PRICE:- $0.00 RATINGS:-  DESCRIPTION: The Poetry that is contained in these pages is the result of a lifetime spent mostly in places with real Winter; The Great Lakes for the most part, yet also the Great Plains, the Rockies of Colorado, and even mid-North Texas and Northern New Mexico. In   the face of Climate Change, I wanted to save and preserve what it was like to live in these places in the era of actual Winters. Many  of these poems are what I like to call “Poetic Memoir,” and are based on real events in my life. Some are simply fantasy based on a lifetime of experience with snow and Winter...real Winters. Although  I have lived in Southern California for four years as of the completion of this compilation in 2018, never forget that I am a native of Wisconsin who spent fifty years in the Midle West of these United States of America. My family still lives there, and lives with snow. For  those of you who find snowy Winters a novelty, or know it not at a


AUTHOR:-  Jawad Lawal. PRICE:-  FREE RATINGS:- BOOK DESCRIPTION: ' Behind the Black Painting' is   a short insight into the activities of some African dictators and how these people who have been portrayed as savages has actually truly developed their respective countries. Although they did have their bad sides, they immensely care about the people and the western word was another reason for some leaders dark side. The book simply seeks to tell Africans that despite the wrongs of these leaders, we owe them gratitude for the good projects done and give Africans an idea of the Country and Continent they seeked to build. Where as the western world never forget their dictators, Africans are brainwashed to reject good came from these leaders cited in the book and brand them  as totally evil. What Africans fail to realise is, what actually happened to the country after these leaders fell, what happened to their projects and works. Or


  AUTHOR:- BLOSSOMWRITES. PRICE:- FREE RATINGS:- BOOK DESCRIPTION: Blossom in 'The Journey' attempts to describe 'Life' as a ride with several destinations and vistas. He discusses a range of relatable themes and ideas including love, growth and the personality of those things around us that we can't see or touch. He applies a rich use of imagery, analogies, aphorisms and other fine-coated literary devices to drive his message home. This book will help you enjoy the very art of poetry.