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      Truly unfair,  Calling her a mannequin  Eyes are useless  When mind is blind Absolutely no desire to fit in Marionette, better than animate  Tangible her zest was in a daze Caged in the display,  Where she was in a cloister  Clothed her a stola with Limbus  Cloaked her cosmos with clobber      Closeted motion still an attraction Fuelled by drama led to  Attend the performance  Can’t stop watching since  Enraptured me her charms Evoked memories in               She my Aphrodite  Deity of  beauty,  Goddess of  love,  Cult of pleasure,  Nubile of procreation,  Love is composed of a single soul Inhabiting in both of us My life a ceaseless search of love Marvelled at her, saw luscious Manifested myth, towards lust  My emotion on the crest   My most beloved in trust  Mainspring of my psyche  She a best, no expiry date Your comments and reactions are highly recognized and appreciated . OTHER WONDERFUL WORKS OF VIJAY   1)  Hero number one  2)  Gay helmet  3)  Wisdom belongs to whore hous


 Water War Mom died in a battle; at last Occurred at a remote aquifer  A battle field, since long;  For a crock of water A battle aided; none munitions  Threw it into the potable, That made Croaky noises;  A bucket tied with a coir rope Milk run after Mexican breakfast none;  Marched miles across all deserted;  Sandals no foot under sore mustered  Neck in crick head on pot mosh  Folks pooled a pond around Flowed from; pot in no Hydrus Village an armada in dropped chaos;  Verbose a multitude conquered with A rift none among them harvested; A rift in solid waterless reaped Mesopotamia an uncivilized cradle          Our Tigris and Euphrates   Gone with the wind all rocks rolled; Cloud of water vaporized: weird Waste land all asexual parasites Arid nowhere holy hydrosphere  Erosion everywhere an ergative water Erupted war ergo world again third His conch in all oceans above decibel;  Hegemony he a Hawk ruled the roost  When east in heard chanting: Gange cha yamune chaiva Godhavary Saraswat


                                 She is my Conundrum  Of the existence of love;  Spurious in nature; a spunky Squalid she; longs no love  Squaddie me a spurned lover  Cooked up with old coon; her Copper-bottomed scheme  Copulation a game for fame Bestows her as best-seller  Her bestiality gets in woe betide Copiously bleeding my soul When defeated not in war,  Young indeed my Love a debt  Old weapon his strong; a wealth Kills me off slowly slowly... OTHER WONDERFUL WORKS OF VIJAY   1)  Hero number one  2)  Gay helmet  3)  Wisdom belongs to whore house   4)  Waiting for death penalty  5)  A platonic journey of my holy lips  6)  Organized crime  7)  Beware of friendship 8) Break the chain  commenYourts and reactions are highly appreciated and recognized. Kindly subscribe  !


In the night of the darkest hour, I long to behold your face in front of mine; Where I can see my eyes reflecting in yours, Over your body and inside your heart, There my life is imprisoned. The vapour of your love keeps me warm in winter. And under the warm blanket, our lips shall unite. A beautiful bronze-like-skin that got Jackie Appiah doffing her hat, A flawless skin, the strange one beyond the beauty of man, I shall caress it with my lips; I’m certain it will taste like chocolate,  I’ll draw you close with my hands rubbed with alabaster oil, I shall be your abode in the stormy weather, I shall be your hero in the night, And your warrior by the day, You’re surely an embodiment of beaut y . Below are also written by Adedoyin 1) I'm a warrior 


  Hesse remarked that the world as a complete,  unbroken chain, an eternal chain,  linked together by cause and effect  , Certainly, it is a powerful process which   Takes care of progress, productivity and profits . Awfully man shunned to respect the links of the chain . Before respecting the chain!  Suddenly he seems alarming at  , His link of this unbroken chain , And wishes to break the chain, To save his soulless being!   How one can break the chain God has made?  Here is the paradox of the thing we call freedom:  The farther we wander from God , And the more we try to break free from him,  the more enchained we become.  Every step we take away from Him , Leads us farther from the freedom of the eternal God  And closer to the cruelty of Devil   Social distancing is manifestly  Part of that devil’s advocate!   It seems that after one wolf howling loudly  Then a chorus of howling from around!  The only thing that can set a man  Free from any chains is the knowledge of Truth  Real ch


In the strangest place, at the end of man-made burn.  And the darkness made by mortals,  There my life counts.  I'll loose some to the war.  Maybe in the fire Or falling from the darkness of life.  I'll strive and reach the light I shall struggle to get there.  I’ll work for success, Because I know one day, it will bow and call me master. I’ll pull stars from the sky, I’ll turn stone into bread, I’ll swim the deepest ocean blue, I’ll slay the dragon, Yes, I’ll fight the lion; I’ll spin straws into gold, I’ll make diamonds out of chunks of coal, I’ll climb the highest mountain, I’ll make a home in the sky, I’ll visit the sun, I just have to win the win And fight the fight, But if I don’t win, If I’m bruised at the end of the war If I fall,  If I get my skin burnt,  I’ll be fine. You see a cigarette, I see warriors in a battle of fire and darkness made by man, I see soldiers struggling,  I see some surrendering to defeat by falling, I see some still struggling and never surrender

STICHES TO SAVE | Olatunbosun .D. Olajide

I was asked to pay a pound , Just a pound , A pound to mend a broken heart ; How do I tell her ? It's not just bleeding ,  It has a pneumonia too I'm cold and scared  Let hope it's all a night mare , Mum had taught me to pray after one , But I've lost my voice to this thief ; I know my lover's love will take away the grief . There will be no pound to pay , I have none anyway . But these wounds will heal , They say time heal all wounds , But my lover's love will heal me ; And I will live to breathe , Words and write again and again . # diary of a writer .


                 Barking dogs all friends not My bitten flesh his poisoned teeth Iago my plague everywhere France first massacred St. Bartholomew Statecraft of duplicity scheming dark Machiavillian my Italian downfall a fool  Othello slew Desdemona, naive my genius Unallowed conscience fo’r mach four test Tongue his, a boneless strong To break enough a heart  Lawyer he of mistakes own Jehovah he, other mistakes judge Hates, spending clock  Wise your, correct him Unless, learn to face own  Shadow see in others  Smile a fake my, sees no  Behind that pain, he no Angel Lift me trouble wings in my feet  Loves you the condition is, when Loves unconditionally, right for him Cares you, not alone you;  When alone he Notice, you what notice is Mirror laughs at cry my never, Is best friend, sing it back  Forgotten tune of verse Memories deleted bad in prison Enjoying my own company Empowered freedom, a solitude Happy is the best revenge  Drives Iago insane Seeing when smiling face He an embitter


  He has no official status or designation as hero  But it is the highest honour he deserved  Since the World recognized him as a hero   Heroes are not created out of a fiction  They are born out of circumstances  And rise to the occasion when their spirit  Can no longer coexist with the hypocrisy  Of injustice to his fellow beings  Being a hero means ignoring how silly he feels he is   A true hero is not only a brave individual,   But he dares to be different; and never go astray  To follow trends but creates new paths and walks alone  His secret of happiness lies in his freedom  And the secret of his freedom lies in his Courage  He is courageous, doing what all afraid to do  There can be no courage unless you're scared    He is used to leading this hard life!   He is a hero who is afraid to run away  God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldier   Perseverance is the act of a true hero   He feels profoundly alone, cut off, unattractive…   His dirty outlook makes others t

Wisdom Belongs To Whore house | Vijay Nair

                  Fragrance though sensuous, That immense to impulse Frenzy neither exist nor allied with My imbecile tender childhood  Imbibed never that affluent odour Of the blossom of that tales Ever amenable those talents innate Inhere everywhere the infinitude Idol, A crest of my Granny the great Posthumously honoured a Pyramid Unanimous in pronouncing her An Eternal and Primeval Scholar an illiterate! Passionate to pour... Wisdom, Bleeping over my auricles incessantly... An untold tale that unheard What unlearnt lessons lot; A lesser sour ignorance Nor ignoble my Marquis Neither a Martinet afield at An ancestral Mastery Wisdom, all about ambiguous Amoral, in search of truth My sceptic conscience not serene It squint like a beaming beacon An agate bitten by that adder Caused my lost bile Taken not acumen wise Adieu all modest doubt And adept in denying adduce Defence dare no Tiger  Paper, that paradox No beano than malapropism Led labour lost learning My wisdom infra dig into  A


  If I'm an herbalist Rapist And their apologist Are on hot seat Their records will be on my list Their punishment Will be my bone of contention I will not look upon any government For any judgment For the government Are ambassador of poverty.        If  I'm a deity  I will not have pity On Rapers all over the city For its not your responsibility  To defile thy virginty  Nor stain an integrity. If  I'm a deity No room for sympathy I will makes Rapers life miserable Talk less of being responsible. If  I'm a deity I will fight against Rape culture in the society Thy community Will be unified And purified. #I stands against molestation of girl child.   READ , COMMENT AND SHARE 


History is a fiction false Wolf clothing in Sheep’s Run against the clock Closet in truth that coffin Wonder longer not nine that trumpet Everywhere all tricks of trade  An old dog not to be taught  A new Shakespeare chance upon Has greatness that Hamlet thrust upon Water no hold, a waterloo Hearing you not that whistle blow? Wicked flee not if  Man pursuits it in soul Bacon a foster soul  Blessed in disguise Shakespeare Some six fold six plays   All sonnets a legacy  Art lies in concealing art, irony What Ovid foreseen An answer, no Shakespeare is enigma Hamlet in heavenly procrastination  Claudius not upon him avenge Annoyed that man delighted not him  Truth untold a broken heart hubris His honest a hideous mirror debris  Word play in he a Pete Sampras What a piece of work a man!  Philosophy, brother double a mankind Dubbed verses of Denmark Prince  Defenceless was he a pseudo Christ Ethos his passivism embodied inaction Pagan he an Achilles no Don Quixote Out of joint time was his r


Arise, o precious pearl of admirable strength! Blow some valour in the air made into enveloping breeze. Cast away the covers and claim the renewed vitality. Dive in yet again as you've always done; undeterred! Milady, Ever so gracious as you surmount each stumbling hassle! Feel the freshness and consume the euphoria, Go through in your mind and set new goals for the day. High appears those mountains, but really, they most likely can't be harder! Indeed, giving up or being a coward is not of your nature, Just as history has left us a wide variety of valiant heroes! Keep breaking shackles and setting records straight, Live solely for the real purpose of your creation, Make no mistake out of fear or despair: Queens don't! Now or later is never a time to even think of quitting! Over and again, life throws daggers we can't always avert, Promises that we've learnt to never lose hope in sometimes get broken. Query not the essence of life jumbles, travails and triumphs, Res

A platonic journey of my holy lips |VIJAY P. NAIR

My li ps starts its platonic journey At midnight from the curved Ears of my lady love The best way to reach her virgin heart To make furrow that Eden For a splendid spring  The brunette beauty have uncharacter But, will have faith you no  If have character no Your aristocracy lose  Venom worse than leads burial  Beholder both the holder Whoopee lips enduring at once Adam’s fall and sinner at all O, remember not the sins And offences of my lips Forced to eat forbidden fruit  A sinner originated not first She no longer a deaf Move a muscle not Hear my whispering lips, A whinchat it makes a wiseacre By singing sweet flatter  A flea in her ear not Wins by note makes my lips Not hold her heart of stone At long but, her mourn not moan..... Break that whip at last but least She no longer a blind Pay my lips a glimpse of glory No, spirit of my wobbling lips  Halt at her lotus eyes At all a surge on her flimsy petals That wakes her upon Immortal bliss Whippy lips raddles on brow Where sprout a


Africa, dear Africans. Should we blame white, Wounds in our nose, Nor the sorrowful drops, In the coveralls for our weakness? Should we take it for a mistake ? Africans, dear Africa. All day long as a child tarried. It is much later, I think far past the middle, Of the night, They crossed the limping marks, Of our ancestors, That circled our camp, Night before last. Africans ,dear Africa We sailed all nights and day, From Niger to Mississippi, We had no dish of herbs, To accompany our broth , It was all sorrowful with, Striving chains of ordered children, Soon we find ourselves, In a new earth, That are strange to us. And the tracks fade behind us, There will be no way, To return to the lakes and rivers, We have known. No signals of drums, When brotherly love expelled remorse. Dear Africa, Even as your harmattan wind dies, Even as your messengers grows dumb. I can hear you breathing, Though you are far ahead. In the strange land. I'm leaving tonight, If I thought I could persuade,

IT SEEMS | Vincentthepoet

It seems like that day again When every thought gives you pain When you're alone and it starts to rain,when you're working hard but have nothing to really gain. When daylight darkens and night gets bright,when everything you're doing doesn't go right, When you're trying your hardest but loosing the fight. When a nock on my door gets me worked up,when every thought makes you feel like a grownup, The moment when its really hard to wakeup. When the time lapse and the past is left behind,when you finally realize that y'all are stronger with strengths combined When the future is odd because its full of your kind. This is that day When every kid is out to play When visiting seems like a getaway,because everything seems to be faraway


Organized Crime  The very essence of organized crime is,  To constitute nothing less than  A gang war against any society  Yes, Communism is an organized crime!   It is the dirty side of a bootless ideology  In India, it is an abortive whorehouse  Provinces in, putas and ponces are Proselytized mouth pieces  Of this uncivilized band  Marred agriculture everywhere   Environment who degraded?  Wrecked all industries but  Ferried refugees, narcotics,  Ruined communal harmony by   Endorsed terrorism,  Disesteemed work culture with  Crocodile tears of unemployment  They use to take from others  Without wilful, voluntary consent  But, with the crown and title The outset of force to grip life is murder,  To lay hold of liberty is slavery,  And to seize property is theft  Intellectual property theft is one of many  Organized crimes they constitute  From the very beginning  Organized crimes on top creates  Individual violence at the bottom  Beware, all the faced off comrades   Amassed vexation


                  Once, I was scared of Death My last enemy That shall be destroyed   I dreamed of going to Heaven,  But didn’t want to die!  I fancied my life into double  Like an eagle;  Flied high to a mountaintop Knocked my beak against a rock Until it was plucked out!   My talons too I plucked out  A painful process I went through For escaping from farewell!  Delaying death was my favourite hobby!   But today I am waiting earnestly For my death penalty  I have no annoyance this time  Since I'm the man going in  To be slaughtered into pieces  By my past memory  Losing life is not the worst thing  That can happen in me  The worst thing is to  Lose my reason for living No truth can cure the sorrow   I feel from losing a loved one No strength, can cure my sorrow  Nothing is ever certain The terrible pain of loss teaches me  Not to be monster of self-regard  Farewells are for those who love with eyes   For me, who loves with heart and Soul  Has no separation from her indeed  Death


Once upon a time  A Queen stride in an unpolluted world And a golden land free from crime Adorned like a Christmas coral in Disney world A vigorous innocent Queen in a joyous natural world Where she reap the grains of a smile The cereals of enthusiasm And seeds of vitamin A,B and C Behind the Queen, Is a misty, risky, and creepy world for her offsprings That are blinded by myths and misconceptions And deafened by silence and violence


Beneath the heavenly harmless sea, I swim like a dolphin Moving symmetrically with my butterfly arms Accompanied by a butterfly kick I could feel strawberry waves gently hitting my lips Offering me a lip service The tides keep turning me on the rise like the ocean waves Then, in the midst of white clouds I stare at two beautiful twins Waiting for a kiss And willing to make love All day All night Again! In the beautiful blue sky The colours of delight perfect my view So, I spread my hands like a sheet To feel the smooth fresh paint But all I could feel Was a grassy and leafy *Dream of Paradise*