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AUTHOR:- Vanitha Maistry. PRICE:- Free RATINGS:-  DESCRIPTION:  The Neighbours is about two women living next door to each other, one is vain, and the other is humble untill tragedy strikes to make the vain woman see the light. Or


Ungrateful woman by Abushet It's a few days remaining. He sits on a stump carefully placed at the entrance to his compound. His toe drawing unimaginable on the ground. Chin pillowed on his right palm pondering on whose door he'll knock to borrow. Umar is a well-established businessman. Unlike previous years, his shop now is half-stocked. No money to order stocks as his business partner refuses to send him on credit. His major customers have resorted to patronizing the next shop that almost provides what they need.  He can hear his wife, Yafati, conversing with her sister, Amira. "it can't be in my house" says Yafati. Sister, you've been married to Umar for fifteen years now. He never misses a year without sacrificing a ram sometimes two during the Layyah. Why worrying yourself if he misses these years?  Would you keep your mouth shut? Yafati yelled. Nearly slaps her sister. Our neighbour slaughters a ram and a bull. Why doesn't he complain?  I'm not hi


  A beauty that wouldn't ever fade, As the stars never stop being a beautiful shade. A perfect bundle of joy and pride were you made, Such that nothing succeeds in obscuring your wade. For all, you were moulded, no doubt  High and low our sojourns have come about, Most adorable you remain even while wearing a weary pout. They'd ask: how do we manage to never travel down south? He was and still is a blessing from the Most High, Delivering beyond expectations: I wouldn't ever lie. Beyond dreams and empty promises: in his place, I'd gladly die. Indeed, with him I'm blessed with a bounty no price can ever buy! Who will try give a name to this bond we share? A fruit you are, from me, that I smile for what I bear. More than any other, you remain a jewel so dear. May the Almighty never leave you to yourself so that none shall you fear. Here's the trophy I bagged without blemish; such a feat! An embodiment of candies with no taint even in the least! For you is a deservi


  Once again, after so many years, I still remember him: Heathcliff, my infamous hero! I would not have forgotten him easily. He is In fact my own reflection, my own soul. I am literally an orphan just like him. That is why I love him so much. Is it an unforgivable crime a man to be an orphan? Is it our mistake be born as an orphan?  Don’t we have a right to be loved? Don’t we have the freedom to express our feelings and emotions? Dear readers, all of you know why and when Heathcliff began to think about revenge, don’t you? Look at me. I am crying..... My eyes are squirting pools of blood! I know you people don’t believe me. You think that because I am a story writer I can even imagine that I am the King of Utopia!  But the truth is different. Look at all the salty tears containing red corpuscles, pouring over and over again on my shirt incessantly. Now I am wearing a red shirt! Earlier it was pure white. If you don’t get scared, I would like to disclose a secret. Won’t you? Ok. I trus


                                                   Every weekend after our hectic works we four friends; Arjun Nair, Jayaram Krishna, Vishal Menon and myself gathered together in Arjun’s clinic. Since our high school days we have been following this customary meeting which was held either in anyone's house or some small road side coffee shop.  But, since Arjun started his own clinic after successfully he completed his M D in Psychiatry his clinic was fixed as our permanent venue for meeting and chatting.  During the school days it was part of our study. We four guys were from middle class families. We did not have enough money spending for attending tuition. So we all decided to do a combined study. After we started our combined study we found a surprising fact that we four were known as “Self Masters” among our class mates and among other acquaintances. It was in fact, Vishal who coined this compound word first. Among us only Vishal has this flair in creating magic with words. Man